Jesse BUrke : Lead Pastor

Evangelical, but not exclusive
Biblical, but not doctrinaire
Traditional, but not rigid
Congregational, but not independent

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The institute : God's story

our approach

"Go into the world..." Once a month we host a service project for everyone to come together and serve the community. 

Our house churches are made up of 10-20 people and is lead by a licensed pastor. Each church has its own feel and identity but we all unite around the goal of growing in Christian community by "Sharing Space, Sharing Stories, Sharing Mission" with each other. 

We are a church made up of several house churches, we call them kingdom outposts. In each church we seek to "share space, share stories, share mission" with one another and with God.

Our beliefs

who we are

Love God : Love Others

Jesse and his wife Julie were born and raised in Prescott and have a deep love for their community. They are passionate and excited about creating a safe church that loves and serves the people, churches, and needs of Prescott.

After graduating Prescott High School in 2000 Jesse attended and received his bachelors from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. In 2013 he received a Masters of Divinity in Leadership Development from Phoenix Seminary. 

We believe that growing in Christ involves an education. The more we know about God the closer we can walk with him. The Institute is our education center. Whether you are a seminary graduate or a brand new believer we hope you will find a book club, a class, a retreat, or a seminar that will meet you where you are at and take you one step deeper into God's love. 

Day of service : God's mission

House Church : Kingdom OUtposts

Night of Worship : God's space

Our rhythms

Once a month we all gather for a night of worship. This is our effort to intentionally step out of our world, schedules, comfort zones, and step into God's space. Through song, art, prayer, scripture, and communion we seek to create a dynamic worship experience where we can engage God with all our senses.

Love God : Love Others